Membership Information

P.O. BOX 8866
TYLER, TX 75711-8866
(903) 262-3220


TYLER METRO TEAM ONE TIME REGISTRATION FEE $50.00 (includes team t-shirt and cap)

Each swimmer is required to order a team suit once a year through our team sponsor.

Groups and Fees**                                                       

Red Group - $75 / per month                                                                  
Bronze Group - $75 / per month
Blue Group 1- $90 / per month
Blue Group 2- $90 / per month
Silver Group 1 - $90 / per month
Silver Group 2 - $90 / per month
Senior 1 - $95 / per month
Senior Champs - $95 / per month

** If any family has more than one swimmer, there is a $10 discount for additional swimmers.

Entry fees

Entry Fees: At the beginning of the season you will receive a meet calendar for the remainder of the season. Any entry meet fees will appear on your monthly billing. Typically, you can expect to be charged $2.25-$6.00 per swim event, depending on the meet entered. In most meets, swimmers can swim three to five events per day. Tyler Swim Academy will then write the host club a check for all the entry fees collected for the swimmers on our team. Characteristic of any business, TST expenses begin the first day of every month. A positive cash flow is required to assure payroll requirements and various other expenditures. It is, therefore, imperative for all TST parents to pay their swimmer's monthly installment on or before the first of each month, just as you do your credit card, mortgage or utility payments. If fees are not current, your swimmer will not be allowed to participate in practice.

Join our Swim Team

A. Email to schedule an evaluation time.

B. Print and complete the 5 registration Documents
1 USA Swimming Registration
2 Tyler Metro Registration
3 Medical Release (we have a notary)
4 Parent Code of Conduct
5 Swimmer Code of Conduct

C. On the date of your swimmers evaluation bring the following to the:
T.I.S.D. Aquatic Center located at 5201 Copeland Rd. Tyler, Tx. 75703
a. Xerox copy of your child’s birth certificate
b. Xerox copy of your child’s insurance card
c. Completed registration forms (5)
d. Form of payment for registrations and group fees (cash or check)
e. Swimsuit, goggles, a towel

For Application forms please click here